Save Time, Avoid Impulse Purchases

The Progressive Grocer, the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, Food Marketing Institute, and The New Products News are all organizations that analyze grocery store sales.  According to their studies, the average amount of impulse buying in the grocery store was dependent upon the amount of time spent in the store.  “When you dilly dally in a store for 10 unplanned minutes, you can kiss nearly $20 good-bye,” according to the Denver Post.  The article also noted that the long checkout lines, food sampling, video game demo areas,  book and magazine sections are all developed to keep people in the store longer.  Obviously, it is in the store’s best financial interest to keep you there as long as possible.  Every shopper who strays from their prepared list can expect to spend an extra $20 for every 10 minutes in the store.

Let Groceries R Us help save you $$$$   We will not stray from your list.  We will only buy exactly what is on your thought out, prepared list


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