How to pick out Honeydews and Cantaloupes

1. Smell! Ripe cantaloupe smells very sweet and nice. Sniffing out the most aromatic one is the smartest way to pick a cantaloupe or honeydew. 
2. Listen!  Hold your hand as if ready to knock on a door. Deliver two or three good thumps to the round side of a melon. The sound should be deep and thick, indicating a dense, full fruit. A higher hollow sound can mean unripeness. 
3. If a honeydew is beige-skinned with distinct green veins it’s probably not ripe yet. If it has a pale yellow color with bright, lemon-colored areas you probably have found a good one. 
Cantaloupes are unripe when the skin beneath the textured “web” is green. Cantaloupes are ripe when orange or gold. 
4. Another mark of desirability is a patch that’s slightly flat and bleached in color. Melons that develop on the vine flatten under their own weight, and lose color where they sit on hot soil. A good melon is firm, but not rock hard. It yields very slightly to pressure but has no soft spots.   
5. Ripe cantaloupes rattle only occasionally, so it’s an unreliable indicator. 


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