Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

Here are a few tips that you may or may not have heard about healthier grocery shopping.

1. Shop around the perimeter.  You have probably heard this before, but I want to start with this because it is the most important.  Every store puts their lean meat, nuts, and organic foods around the perimeter.

2. Don’t go up the center aisles, except to get things on your list.  The center aisles has all of the processed foods.

3. Try and concentrate your shopping on the produce section. Again, shopping for whole fresh foods is the healthy alternate to processed, fatty foods.

4. Go to farmers markets.  These markets have fresh without the temptation of the unhealthy choices at your local supermarket.

5. Lastly, DO NOT go grocery shopping when you are hungry.  When you are hungry your eyes will automatically pull you to the foods that look good.  You could even try going after a run or any kind of workout.  This may make you more apt to buy healthy foods.


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