Are you an impulse grocery shopper?

When we talk about impulse buying, we always talk (and probably think) about major purchases in malls that we make, usually the ones which cost more than a couple of $10 bills. But, even a $2 item can be purchased impulsively. Grocery stores advertise items on sale, you go to that grocers to take advantage of the on-sale items and you end up buying mark-up items as well.

Only between 30% and 50% of people actually consider themselves impulse shoppers.  However, statistics show that 90% of shopper occasional make impulse purchases.  Another, alarming statistic is that 20% of what consumer purchase at the grocery store is bought on impulse!

Groceries R Us has a simple solution to impulse shopping….. just use our service!  Of course if you are not at the store there is no way to impulse shop.

 ~Life is Short and the Line is Too Long~


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