Great Beach Snacks!

What is a good snack to bring to the beach? Most of us have asked that question many times, but yet will still end up bringing nothing and waste our money on concession food.  Here are a few simple ideas to eat healthy and cheap at the beach….

1. Carrots- The orange pigment beta-carotene actually will give your skin an extra glow.  Carrots will also help protect your skin for sunlight.

2. Watermelon-  The high density of water will protect your skins moisture level

3 Frozen Grapes- Each grape is only about 3 calories!

4.Pretzels- This is the easiest snack to keep fresh and to transport.

5. Sparkling Water- Of course water is the best thing, but if you want something with flavor you may want to try sparkling water instead.

6 Nuts- Pistachios or Almonds will give you the fat and the protein your body needs to fuel your fun in the sun.

7. Pickles- This snack is basically calorie free!

Hopefully the next time your out at the beach these few snack ideas will keep you healthy and give you the energy you need to have a fun filled day in the sun.


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