Can Groceries R Us save you money?

Here’s some stats on impulse shopping.

Young, unmarried adult households with higher incomes do 45% more unplanned buying.
Households led by an older person and those that have larger families do 31% to 65% less spontaneous purchasing.
There is 25% less unplanned buying among shoppers who mainly use newspaper ads for price information.
People who consider themselves very “fast and efficient” shoppers are far less likely to make impulse buys — 82% less than the average.
If the purpose of a shopping trip is “immediate needs or forgotten items,” the rate of buying in unplanned categories falls by 53%.
Unplanned purchasing goes up by 23% if the shopping trip itself is unplanned, but it goes down by 13% if it’s a major or weekly trip.
If a shopping trip includes stops at multiple stores, there is 9% less unplanned buying at the second or third store.
Unplanned purchasing goes up by 44% if the shopper goes to the store by car instead of on foot.

Groceries R Us is your solution to impulse shopping. We are guaranteed to stick to the list!


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